Sihi Avalakki / Sweet Poha

Sihi Avalakki/Sweet Poha
Sihi Avalakki /Sweet Poha  is something which is very simple and requires no cooking. Even this is consumed during fasting. I dont say that it is very delicious but its good can have it once in a while.

I dont like poha  but Gopi can have it all 3 times a day ,as he like sweets here is a sweet version  of poha (avalakki) . As i'll be left with no option during fasting ,i'll have this as i get bored by eating fruits through out the day :) 


Category:Fasting |  Preparation Time: 10 Minutes

Cooking Time:------| Serves : 3

Thick Poha/ Gatti Avalakki: 11/2 Cups

Fresh Grated Coconut: 1/2 Cup
Elachi/Cardamom Powder:1/4 Tsp
Jaggery: 6 -8 Tbsp
Milk :1/4 Cup
Dry fruits & Nuts of your choice


Wash thick poha and drain water completely.Now add 1/4 cup milk to poha and set aside for 8 minutes. 

Add Chopped dry nuts,cardamom powder,coconut and jaggery to the Poha mix well and  serve.

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