Penne Rigate with Tomato Sauce

Penne Rigate with Tomato Sauce
 When i feel  bored to cook but  still wishes to eat something good ,I prepare this pasta as it can be cooked

very easily with simple ingredients that is always available in my pantry.Pasta especially Penne Rigate with Tomato sauce is our home's favorite .Pasta accompanied with Garlic bread,Wow i just love the taste.

Category : Continental | Prep Time:5 Min
Cooking Time:20 Min | Serves:4

Penne Pasta: 2 Cups
Tomatoes: 2-3  Large
Pasta Sauce:1/2 Cup
Garlic: 10-12 Cloves
Fresh Cream: 1 Tbsp
Mozzarella Cheese: 1/2 Cup
Mixed Seasoning: 1 Tbsp (dried oregano,basil and black pepercorns mixed and crushed altogether)
Dried Red Chilly: 1 Broken ( optional)
Sliced Black Olives:1 Tbsp (optional)
Olive Oil:2 Tbsp
Salt to taste.


Take a wide vessel and boil water,once water starts to boil add  1 Tsp Salt ,Pasta and cook pasta till done   (follow the cooking time instructions on pasta packet ).Drain water,wash pasta with cold water and keep it aside.

Take a pan ,put oil,chopped garlic,small broken pieces of dried red chilly and finely chopped tomatoes. Cook the tomatoes well till you get sauce consistency.And then add pizza/pasta sauce to this tomato,fresh cream, mozzarella cheese ,salt and mixed seasoning.

Once Cheese melts add cooked pasta,mix it on high flame,add sliced black olives and serve hot.

My Notes:
1.If you don't have pasta/pizza sauce ,you can add more tomatoes around 10-12 and cook till you get sauce consistency. Don't overcook or else it becomes dry.
2.Don't overcook  pasta as it becomes soggy ,to ensure it is perfectly cooked take one penne prick it with fork and check
3.Sauce should be juicy and it should coat pasta evenly .Sauce should neither be runny or very thick

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  1. Hi Muktha,

    I tried this recipe without olives and basil and it still turned out damn delicious. It is a hit with my family especially my son, he loved it. Thank you for sharing this recipe.