Spanish Potato Omelette

Spanish Potato Omelette

Spanish Omelette is referred as Tortilla Espanola is a thick omlette made with fresh potatoes.Source says
that this dish can be served as a appetizer or a light dinner .But in my home it can never be served as a dinner : )  it can only work as a snack.From the day i saw this recipe on a TV show i wanted to try this as it was very simple and easy but GP doesn't like Eggs so i didn't try. Last sunday ,I got up late and was very lazy so thought of preparing this for Sunday Brunch.Wow .....luckily it worked and Gp liked it !I was Happy :)


Category: Nonveg | Course: Snack | Cuisine: Spain
Prep Time: 5 Min  |Cooking Time:20 Minutes | Serves : 4 

Potatoes:2 Big
Onion:1 Big
Fresh Red Chilly :1-2
Coriander Leaves:2 Tbsp
Pepper Powder :1 Tsp
Salt:1 Tsp
Olive Oil/Cooking Oil : 1/4 Cup

Wash,clean,peel and slice potatoes into medium thickness and cut it into two slices ,cut onion into chunks, chop red chilly and coriander leaves.

Heat skillet,add oil,onions,potatoes ,red chilly and fry well till potatoes are cooked completely and onions turn brown.

Take a bowl add eggs,add  red chilly,coriander leaves,salt , pepper and beat well.For this add cooked potato and onion mixture mix it.

On the same skillet ,drizzle some oil and pour the batter.Cook for 4 minutes or till bottom becomes golden brown ,loosen the corners.When omelette is still runny on top close a plate on skillet and turn the skillet upside down ,so that omelette lies on the plate.Now flip the uncooked side on to skillet and cook for 3 minutes on medium heat.


Cut it into wedges and serve with tomato slice. Enjoy 

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