Beetroot Egg Bhurji /Scrambled Egg with Beetroot

Egg Bhurji  popularly known as anda bhurji is is simple and easy to cook .This recipe is a twist to a regular egg bhurji .I have grown up eating this egg bhurji,as a kid i was a very annoying and fussy eater. So my Mom always used to struggle to make me eat veggies. As i
was eating eggs well, she started making this beetroot egg bhurji, Since then till date I love this egg bhurji .Now scenario has changed GP doesn't like beetroot and to make him eat beetroot i do this egg bhurji. Beetroot has amazing health benefits, it helps to reduce blood pressure,as it is very rich in folic acid its very important for pregnant women,it also boosts brain power,improves sexual health and stamina.Lets get benefited by including beetroot in our daily diet. Enjoy this Beetroot egg bhurji with roti,chapati or as a side dish with rasam and rice !

Category :Non Vegetarian|Cuisine:India
PrepTime:5 Minutes |Cooking Time:15 Minutes|Serves:2-3

Beetroot :2 -3 Medium
Onions:2 Medium
Green Chilly:2-3
Red Chilly Powder:3/4 Tsp
Oil:3 Tbsp
Coriander Leaves:2 Tbsp for garnishing
Salt To Taste

Take a wok or thick bottom pan,heat oil,add chopped onions and green chilies,fry well.
To this add grated beetroot and fry well till water content gets completely absorbed.

Break eggs into the beetroot and mix well,cook and scramble well.Once its done add,red chilly powder and salt to taste.Garnish with coriander leaves.

Serve hot with roti's or as a side dish/Palya with Rasam and Rice.

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