Melting Moments with Citrus Cream

Last year when i was watching MasterChef Australia where Julia did these Melting Moments and won Immunity pin! I was so excited to see these goodies.Since then whenever i baked any
cookies ,GP started asking for Melting Moments.After few days i got the recipe from MasterChef Australia site and tried it,OMG it was such a disaster......,i had not got the measurement right! After that i didnt dare to bake these goodies again.But still ,melting moments didn't go out of my mind. So i tried it again and again and finally came up with a perfect measurement! Yeah This time it was truly a perfect Melting Moment for me!Wow.....,it was just too good and melted in mouth.In actually recipe they had used Raspberry jam,and vanilla buttercream for filling,but i changed it to citrus cream using orange!

Category:Vegetarian| Makes:24 Biscuits-12 Sandwhich
PrepTime:10 Minutes | Baking Time:15-20 Minutes

For Biscuits:
Unsalted Butter: 125 grams
Icing Sugar:1/4 Cup
Refined  Flour:3/4 Cup
Custard Powder:1/3 Cup
Baking Powder:3/4 Tsp

For Cream:
Unsalted Butter:60 Grams
Icing Sugar:2/3 Cup
Orange Zest: 2 Tsp (Finely Grated)
Orange Juice:1 Tbsp

Preheat Oven 170 Deg Celsius.Sieve refined flour and baking powder together and Keep aside.

Using a electric beater beat butter till creamy.For this,add icing sugar,custard powder and mix well. Add sieved flour and combine everything using a spatula.

Using hands roll 1/2 Tbsp of dough mixture into balls,gently press to make them flat.Line the baking and Bake in a preheated oven for 15- 20 minutes or until done.Remove from oven and set aside for 20 minutes to cool.

Cream the butter,mix icing sugar,orange zest,orange juice and mix well.

Spread the mixture on a flat side of the biscuit ,sandwich between 2 biscuits.

My Notes:
  • To get the zest,grate the whole orange.Be careful not to grate the white part,as it will turn bitter.
  • Oven temperature varies from machine to machine,so know your oven better and keep watching the biscuits after 15 minutes to avoid overbaking.

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