Sakkare Acchu / Sugar Figurines

As Makar Sankrati a South Indian Festival  is nearing ,a friend of mine had requested for sakkare acchu recipe.When i was a kid my mom used to do this with the help of my
cousins,i only used to sit quite and watch them doing. I never remembered how they did ,but i was only aware that it should be done carefully to get the right consistency. I got the recipe from my mom  yesterday and i tried doing it for the first time,i was so happy to see the end result. A good snow white smooth sugar figurines.These sugar figurines are exchanged with family and friends on day of Makar Sankranti along with Ellu-Bella/Til-Gur/Sesame-Jaggery.

Category:Vegetarian | Cuisine:South India | Makes: 16-20
Preptime:30 Min(Inactive) |Cooking Time:45 Min - 1 Hour

Sugar:1 Cup
Water:1/2 Cup or less
Milk:1/2 Cup
Curds:1/4 Cup
Lemon Juice:1/2 Tsp

1.Soak wooden figurine molds in water for 10- 15 minutes,wipe it with a clean dry cloth and close the molds and tight it using a rubber band and keep it ready for step 5.

Soak sugar in water just enough to immerse(not more than 1/2 cup). Keep it aside for 30 minutes to 1 hour till sugar dissolve completely.Stir it once in a while to make the process faster.

2.Once sugar is dissolved,take a thick bottom pan and heat the sugar syrup.

When it starts to boil add a part of milk(divide milk into 3 parts) once it start to froth ,filter the sugar syrup with the help of a muslin cloth.Clean the muslin cloth (after each filtration) and keep it ready for the next step.

3.Add back the filtered sugar syrup into the same thick bottom pan and continue to boil,as above again repeat (step 2) the process of adding milk, then filter.After doing filtering process for 2 times, Now again repeat the step 2 of adding milk,followed by curds once it curdles again filter it.

Once you complete 3 times filtering of sugar syrup finally add lemon juice to it . (Clean the thick bottom pan with water so that you don't have any residue of sugar syrup.)

4.Take a cleaned Thick bottom pan,finally add the cleaned sugar syrup and allow it to boil ,keep it on a low heat and keep stirring once in between.After a while sugar syrup starts to froth keep stirring it .It finally reaches to a consistency where it becomes very frothy and looks very cloudy. At this point it becomes bit difficult/hard to stir as it would have become little thick but still having consistency to pour into figurine molds.At this stage all you can see is just the cloudy froth and it should not at all be runny.(This is a very important step,you should remove the syrup in proper consistency or else you'll not be able to get sugar figurines out of the mold.)

5.Place the molds vertically on a plate and pour the frothy sugar syrup into the molds as shown in picture.You can clean the excess spilled sugar syrup using knife/spoon.After 5 minutes you can remove the molds and you'll get these snow white sugar figurines ready.

Serve these sugar figurines to your family and friends on Makar Sankrati day along with Ellu Bella / Til-Gur

My Notes:
  • You can add any edible colour to the sugar syrup after adding  lemon juice.I had added saffron soaked in 1 Tsp milk to get that light orange color for one batch.
  • Filtering 3 times helps you to remove the dirt from sugar.
  • Adding curds and lemon juice helps you to get a smooth figurines.
  • Be careful enough to check the consistency of sugar syrup,it should be thick but still you should be able to pour it into molds. If it is runny it flows out of the molds.To check the consistency ,You can just put a drop of sugar syrup on a plate and scratch it using a spoon if it solidifies quickly then syrup is ready to move into the molds.
  • If  sugar syrup is more or still remaining keep it on a low flame sprinkle some water and again pour it into the molds for next batch.
  • If you increase the milk  by another 1 Tbsp you'll get melt in mouth sugar figurines.But it gets melted very easily if there is a hot weather.

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