Baingan ka Bharta / Mashed Eggplant Curry

Baingan/ EggPlant is one of the most nutritious Vegetable but unfortunately it was misunderstood as a non nourishing food.This is one of the highly flavourful veggie stuff,
grill,bake roast ,stew eggplants,they're delicious in all forms.Though skin of eggplant is very nourishes ,unfortunately to prepare baingan bartha we need char the skin and throw it away :(  I love this simple and delicious baingan bhartha so much that i'll always be licking my finger.......:). If you haven't tried Baingan Bharta then its high time you give a try,very delicious.I'm recommending this as it has more health benefits like lowering blood sugar levels,and high fiber which protects digestive tract.And also its low in calorie,what more we need to include it in our diet.


Prep Time:10 Minutes| Cooking Time:15 Minutes|Serves:2-3
Baingan/Egg Plant : 500 grams
Onion:2 Medium
Tomato:2 Large
Green Chilli:2
Ginger:1 " Piece
Jeera/Cumin :1 Tsp 
Chilly Powder:1/2 Tsp
Salt To Taste
Oil:11/2 Tbsp
Fresh Coriander leaves:2 Tbsp

Wash  whole Baingan,pat it dry, Apply/smear 1 Tsp of oil over it.Keep it directly on  medium flame and keep rotating till completely cooked on all sides and skin is completely charred.Once cooled,peel the skin and mash and keep it aside.

Heat 11/2 Tbsp of oil ,add jeera ,onion,grated ginger,green chilly and saute for a while.

Add Red chilly powder,mashed egg plant pulp and mix well and allow it cook for 2 minutes.

For this add chopped tomato ,salt and allow it to cook till oil rises to the surface.Once done add coriander leaves.

Serve with roti/chapathi.

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  1. good step by step pictures..looks so yum and tasty so delicious. thankyou for shearing. thankyou for shearing this information with us!chowringhee satyaniketan