Garlic Naan

I love Garlic Naan in any form either with yeast or without yeast.One good thing about this naans are that its not at all chewy like the one we get in restaurants.These naans are
soft and delicious in taste especially when accompanied with any spicy or rich curry.From health point of view i have used Maida /Refined flour and  wheat flour in 50:50 ratio,you can either use 100% refined flour or wheat flour,it left for your choice. Here i'm doing naan using stove top method alternatively you can use convection Oven also. I even do Naan without using yeast which i'll be posting shortly.

Category:Vegetarian|Cuisine: Indian |Course:Main
PrepTime: 2 Hrs 15 Minutes(Standing Time)|Prep Time: 25 Minutes|Makes:6-7

Maida/All Purpose Flour: 1 Cup
Wheat Flour: 1 Cup
Dry Active/ Instant Yeast:3/4 Tsp
Sugar:3/4 Tsp
Salt:1 Tsp
Warm Water:3/4 Cup + 1/3 Cup
Oil:2 Tbsp
Garlic Paste/ Chopped: 1 Tsp + 1 Tsp
Coriander Leaves Chopped: 2 Tbsp (Optional)
Onion Seeds/Kalonji:1/2- 1 Tsp (Optional)
Butter: 1 Tbsp

Take  1/3 Cup of warm water,add sugar and yeast and keep it aside undisturbed for 10-15 minutes to proof yeast.

Mix wheat flour,All Purpose flour,salt,1 Tsp Garlic paste/chopped,1 Tbsp oil and froth yeast solution and prepare the dough by adding remaining warm water .Knead well to get a smooth, pliable dough. Apply  another Tbsp of oil knead finally and cover it with a muslin cloth and set aside for  minimum 1.30 -2 hrs for the dough to proof double in size.

Once its double in size,punch the dough to release air and once again knead well and divide into 6 equal portions.and keep it aside for another 10 minutes.

Mix chopped coriander leaves,chopped garlic and kalonji.Take one portion of dough,flatten it and press on the coriander,kalonji and garlic as shown in picture
Then dust some flour on the work top,and roll out in oblong /tear shape .

Heat tava/griddle,once it is hot ,place it on hot tawa/griddle.It bubbles/puffs and brown spots starts appearing  on bottom side

Then with help of a thong place the uncooked side directly over the flame and  cook till brown spots appear. Cook on both sides.

Once done ,apply some butter over it and enjoy with any rich and spicy curry like Paneer Butter Masala, Channa Masala, Kholapuri Egg Masala etc......!

I enjoyed with Paneer Butter Masala.

My Notes:

  • You can also in Microwave Convection Oven.For this Preheat oven to 220 Deg Celsius and cook for 6-7 minutes or till brown spots appear on top.
  • Cook on both sides over direct flame( i couldn't click the photo while cooking on other side) till you get charred (black spots appears )


  1. Wow, looks so tempting, I show this post to my wife as well and she also like it.

  2. Hi Muktha, while making it in oven , which mode should be used?either convection r grill?..Do post one with oven..

  3. Hi Sow,Its in convection Mode.I have mentioned in Notes.Sure,I'll try to post it shortly