Puri / Poori

My friend Anil wanted to surprise his wife by preparing Puri,so he was asking me for the recipe and said that it should taste better than the restaurant. As poori is one of the most
basic recipe,most of us know how to prepare this,still i thought of blogging to share few tips so that you'll get crisp and golden coloured Puri's .Then Just like my friend Anil , even you can surprise your partners :)

Category:Vegetarian|Cuisine:Indian|Course:Main or Breakfast
Prep Time:30 Min(inactive)|Cooking Time:15 Minutes|Makes:8-10

Wheat Flour:1/2 Cup
Sooji/ Rava: 1/4 Cup
Maida:1/4 Cup
Sugar:1/2 Tsp(optional)
Salt:1 Tsp
Hot Oil:1 Tsp(optional)
Water:1/4 Cup +as  needed
Oil for deep fry

In a bowl add all the above ingredients. Add water little by little and prepare a tight dough .Keep aside covered and let it rest for 20-30 minutes.
Divide into 8 equal sized balls Dust some flour and roll out into circles with medium thickness,it should neither be thick or thin.

Heat oil in a kadai,once its hot enough keep in medium flame and drop the rolled puri into the oil carefully taking care of your hands.When puri tries to float on top gently press puri with the help of ladle so that hot oil should cover the top surface of puri.This makes the puri to puff well,turn to other side and cook for 20 seconds or till brown spots appear.

Once Puri is done serve hot with Mixed vegetable Saagu.

My Notes:
  • Heat enough oil to immerse the puri.
  • Maintain a constant hot temperature throughout cooking by adjusting temperature to low,medium,high accordingly.
  • Adding sugar is optional,it helps in giving a good colour.

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