From very long time this recipe was lying in my draft,had no time to upload the pics and write,as my lil one keep hitting my laptop every time when i sit to write.As there was a
request from one of my friend from a very long time,i made time for myself and wanted to post this at any cost.
I'm seriously wondering what has gone wrong with me,i'm carving for sweets so much .....,again and again i'm preparing more sweets( but has no time to post) in my kitchen .I'm here with one of the simple but yet delicious and rich dessert,Rasmalai.I can eat this any time in a day,provided I should forget about calories that it adds!Lol😊.Once if rasgulla are ready,you can prepare this very easily and can refrigerate and serve.Whenever the milk cuddles,I prepare rasgulla's and the next day rasmallai will get ready...... :) Typical Indian House wife :)
Category:Veg | Cuisine: Indian|Course:Dessert
Prep Time:10 Minutes|Cooking Time:45 Minutes|Serves:4

Milk:1 ltr
Sugar:1/2 cup
Cardamom powder:1/4 tsp
Saffron Strands:4-5
Almonds Chopped:8-10
Pista Chopped:6-8
Chironji:1 Tbsp

Warm 2 Tbsp of milk and soak saffron till needed.Take a heavy bottom vessel/ nonstick pan,grease some ghee and boil milk over a high heat and then reduce to medium low. Keep stirring  in between so that milk doesn't get burnt at the bottom.
Let the milk reduce to half of its volume.Scrape the sides of the vessel to get the malai.Now add the saffron soaked milk and sugar and cook for 2 minute.

Chop all the nuts finely and it to the above prepared milk.This is called rabri/Basundi.Take Rasgulla,gently squeeze the sugar syrup from it . Add this to the above prepared Rabri/Basundi when it is still hot. Let rasgulla get soaked in rabri ,once it gets completely soaked rasugullas becomes soft.

Now refrigerate it and serve chilled.

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