Rasgulla is a Bengali milk sweet, snow white balls :) . I found this recipe on many TV shows and magazines ...........,though it sounded  very simple i never got that goody rasgulla so
easily,i have tried many times to get these perfect soft and spongy rasgulla's.But now i'm so very comfortable in doing this and i can never go wrong with these cheesy sweet balls.Now i feel its really simple......,all we need to do is keep few tips in mind while doing this rasgulla and its fool proof ,any one can nail it.

Category:Veg | Cuisine: Indian|Course:Dessert
Prep Time:10 Minutes|Cooking Time:40 Minutes|Makes:8-10

Milk full cream :1/2 Ltr
Lemon Juice:1 Tbsp
Sugar:1 Cup
Water:3/4 -1 Cup
Ice cubes: few
Cardamom Powder: 1/4 Tsp
Rose Water: 2 drops (optional)
Pista to Garnish (optional)

Heat milk,when it starts to boil add lemon juice,stir well and simmer the flame.Heat further till whey water separates with paneer.Put off the flame and for this add ice cubes (ice cubes are added to get those perfect texture by hardening paneer) .I did it using microwave.
Take a strainer pour the curdled milk and wash well with cold water to remove the sourness of lemon juice,keep in the strainer for about 30 minutes.

Squeeze out excess water,take out chenna(paneer) in a bowl and knead well to get smooth dough.Make sure there is no water content in the paneer. Make smooth balls of desired size out of it ( i made 8 balls  ).Keep this paneer balls in refrigerator for 1-2 hrs.

Take a pressure cooker add water,sugar and cardamom powder bring it to boil.Once sugar dissovels completely and sugar syrup starts to boil add these refrigerated paneer balls carefully one by one.

Close the lid and cook for one whistle on a medium flame.After a whistle keep in simmer for 3-4 minutes and turn off the heat.Allow pressure to release on its own.Once pressure is released open the lid,rasgullas will be doubled in size.For this add rose essence and boil in sim for 2 minutes .

Soft and Spongy Rasgullas will be ready to relish

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