Cheesy BellPepper Toast

Cheesy Bell Pepper Toast
This is one of the best toast ,i often prepare.Its simple yet delicious for evening snack.Kids would love this as there will be lots of cheese in it,i had not used cheese slices
from health point .For kids you can always add it and give,it tastes so cheesy that they can not stop for one. If you are one among those garlic bread lovers then you will definitely love this toast.This is my hubby's all time favorite,so for healthy heart i have reduced the amount of cheese,and have replaced white bread from whole wheat bread......,if you can indulge yourself with more cheese without looking into weighing scale then you are free to add more cheese slices.

Category:Vegetarian | Cusine :Fusion | Course: Snack
PrepTime :10 Minutes  |Cooking Time: 8 Minutes | Makes: 15

Wheat Bread / White Bread :15-16 Slices
Onion Chopped:1 Cup
Bell Pepper( Capsicum ) Chopped :1/2 Cup
Green chilies Chopped :1-2
Garlic Finely Chopped :1 Tbsp 
Fresh Coriander Leaves chopped:2 Tbsp
Grated Pizza Cheese ( Mozzarella Cheese) :1/2 Cup
Butter :1/4 Cup
Cheese Slices Optional
Pizza/Pasta Seasoning :1 Tbsp
Pepper Powder :1 Tsp
Salt as required

Preheat the oven to 250 deg c.
Take bread slices and smear butter on both sides .Smearing butter on both sides gives you a crunchy base.Take a bowl and Mix all the chopped ingredients,grated cheese and add seasoning,pepper and salt as required.Be careful while adding salt if you are using a salt bread.

Take a tray,arrange the butter smeared bread and If you are adding a cheese slice,place it on the butter smeared bread slice (i have not used cheese slice).Now put a spoon full of above mixture spread it over the bread and bake in convention oven for 6-8 minutes .If you bake more ,it becomes more crunchy and dry.Just make sure that veggies are cooked and not burnt.

Toast are ready ,you can serve  with maggi hot and sweet tomato sauce. 

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