Wheat Flour Masala Bun

Masala Buns

Baking bread and buns was my dream when i initially started baking .Don't know how much flour ,butter i have wasted to get those perfect buns and breads.If you want to try
baking good bread then most key ingredient is your yeast,good yeast = good bread.Now a days i'm confident enough to bake buns.I got good instant yeast from a online store and i'm a happy baker now :) In Active Yeast ,a brand named black bird worked for me other than that none of the other yeast worked. Main difference between active and instant yeast is that,active yeast should  proof before using where as instant yeast can be used directly without waiting for yeast to proof.
I did this simple and healthy wheat flour masala buns for evening snacks ,it easy bun recipe for beginers like me and took very less time as my instant yeast was a good performer :)


Category:Vegetarian | Cusine :Fusion | Course: Breakfast,Snack
PrepTime :45 Minutes(In-active)  |Cooking Time: 18 Minutes | Makes: 6

Wheat Flour:1 1/2 Cup
Instant Yeast: 1 Tsp
Water:1/2 Cup
Sugar:1/2 Tbsp
Salt:3/4 Tsp
Yogurt:2 Tbsp
Olive Oil:1 Tbsp
Onions:1 Chopped
Green chilies :2 Chopped
Curry leaves Chopped:2 Sprig
Coriander leaves chopped:1 Tbsp
Carrot grated:1/2 cup
Jeera/Cumin Seeds:1 Tsp
Turmeric: Pinch
Butter :1 Cube

In a bowl,Take instant yeast,sugar,oil,salt and yogurt.Add warm water and stir well.(If you are using active yeast,then allow it froth as you do in preparing pizza dough)

For this add wheat flour and mix it using a spatula or spoon.Add  onion,carrot,greens ,jeera and turmeric.

Mix well using a spoon as it will be very sticky.Now use a electric blender for kneading ,if you don't have a blender ,put some oil on hand and knead the dough for 5-10 minutes.

Wrap the bowl with a cling film /or wet cloth and keep it in a warm place till the dough double in size.(i always keep it in a oven with just light on without turning on the oven). It took 30 minutes for my dough to get double.

Once the dough doubles in size,stir the dough using a spoon.Preheat the oven to 210 deg c.Grease the tray,Divide the dough into equal size and place it on the tray.Allow it for another 10-15 minutes,so that again it doubles in volume.Once it doubles,bake it in a preheated for 15-20 minutes till you get that nice golden color.

Smear some butter on each buns to get a soft and aromatic buns,allow to cool and later enjoy your bun with a cup of tea.................!

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