Chicken Lollipop

Chicken lollipop is an hot and spicy appetizer prepared from whole chicken wings shaped into lollipop/drummettes.Though i love this appetizer as it is deep fried and loaded with
msg i don't prefer to eat it in a restaurant .I had prepared it at home couple of times ,deep fried and i wasn't that happy with these deep fried chicken and wasting all that oil.....! So i came up with this combination of  grilled & baking mode in my oven and i was so happy to get these perfectly tenderised juicy chicken lollipops,i coudn't make out any difference with deep fried or grilled baked chicken,it tasted real Yum :).If you don't mind frying the chicken in oil,you can follow the same recipe and can deep fry it too. This is a fusioned chicken lollipop recipe,i  have taken this recipe from internet search and did necessary changes to suit my taste .I'm very much sure that you would love this taste.....,just give a try and let me know.:)

Category: Non Vegetarian | Cusine : Fusion | Course: Starter 

PrepTime : 10 minutes, 1 Hour (inactive) |Cooking Time: 30 Minutes | Serves: 4

Chicken drummettes: 1/2 Kg (10-12 No's)
Curds:3-4 Tbsp
Water:500 ml
Turmeric:1/2 Tsp
Salt:1 Tsp
Ginger Garlic Paste : 1.5Tbsp
Red Chilly Powder:1/2 Tsp
Pepper Powder:1/4 Tsp
Salt:1/4 Tsp
Garam Masala:1/2 Tsp
Corn Flour:2 Tbsp
Rice Flour:1 Tbsp
Olive oil :1/2 tsp

Medium Onion:1 Finely Chopped
Chopped Garlic:3/4 Tbsp
Chopped Ginger:1/2 Tbsp
Red Chilly Powder:3/4 Tbsp ( Mix with 1 Tbsp water)
Salt:1/4 Tsp
Soya Sauce:1 Tsp
Vinegar:1 Tsp
Brown Sugar:1 Tsp
Water:1/3 Cup
Oil:1 Tsp


Add 4 Tbsp of curds in a bowl,whisk well.Add water,turmeric powder ,salt 1 Tsp and prepare buttermilk.Soak the chicken in buttermilk for minimum 30 minutes/4-5 hrs .This step is necessary to tenderize the chicken.

Marinate the chicken with ginger garlic paste,pepper powder,garam masala,red chilly powder,1/4 Tsp salt .

Mix well ,add rice flour,corn flour mix well and refrigerate for minimum 30 minutes/overnight.Preheat the oven to 220 deg celsius ,grease the tray with olive oil.Place the marinade chicken over the tray.( Alternatively,You can even deep fry it. Heat oil and fry it over a medium high heat)

Cook in a grill and bake combination mode for 18-20 minutes,once in between just turn the chicken pieces just to ensure even cooking.

Take a frying pan,add oil,add chopped onions,ginger,garlic and fry till raw smell goes off.

Add red chilly paste (prepare by mixing 1 Tbsp water with 3/4 Tbsp red chilly powder),soya sauce,vinegar ,salt ,sugar and mix well.Add water and bring to boil and cook till it thickens.

For this add grill and baked chicken ,keep it in simmer for 5 minutes. Toss well so that chicken is completely coated with sauce.

Turn off the heat,garnish with coriander leaves wrap a aluminium oil and serve hot with schezwan sauce.

 My Notes:

  • Be careful while adding salt ,as you'll add salt to buttermilk and also to the seasoning.And also soya sauce contains salt.
  • You can also deep fry this instead of grilling & Baking,always deep fry it on medium high heat.
  • If you don't have a combination cooking on your oven,bake it for 15 minutes and grill for last 5 minutes in the same temperature 220 deg celsius. 

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