Tea Masala Powder

Tea Masala Powder
What can be better than a  Masala Chai to keep you warm in winters. Tea Masala is just blend of spices that can be used while making Tea.Though each family has got their own
recipe for tea masala,this is one regular one which i use,once can vary the proportions to suit their needs.I prepare always use this masala powder for making tea,which gives you a very mild masala flavour. This is a kind of home remedy we use at home to keep oneself warm in cold season. Keeping this Masala powder as a basic recipe powder,i add extra cardamom ,extra cinnamon,extra fresh ginger to get cardamom tea,cinnamon tea,ginger tea respectively.Its upto one's taste to use the spices to get that extra flavour added to tea. Than buying an Tea Masala Powder from stores,this is very easy to prepare at home with just few spices available at home and pocket friendly too. For what are you waiting.....?,go through the recipe,head to your kitchen and prepare Tea Masala powder  within 2 minutes and store it in a dry container .

Category:Vegetarian | Cuisine : India | Basics

Prep Time : 2 Minutes |Cooking Time: 2 Minutes | Makes: 30grms

Cinnamon:1" inch 5-6  sticks
Green Cardamom:12 -15 Pods
Dry Ginger:4 big pieces
Fennel Seeds:2 Tsp
Black Peppercorns:1 Tsp
Nut Mug:2
Star Anise:1 

 Dry roast for 2 minutes. Just to make it easier to get fine powder

And ground it to a fine powder in a mixer .

Store it in a airtight container.Yields 30 grams of Tea masala Powder.

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