10 Day Sugar Free Program is a unique #sugarfreechallenge to keep oneself healthy . Though it needs to be followed for 21 days continuous , many may find it difficult to leave sugar cravings for so many days at a stretch. So this program helps to get rid of unwanted sugary cravings.

10 Day Sugar Free Program

What is this challenge all about ? Its a known fact that Refined Sugar , Packaged Food and Processed Food ,does nothing good to the body . All these food in fact causes more harm to the body . Refraining ourselves from eating all these food , is a first step towards developing a Healthy Lifestyle.

This is just a motivational Program , to stay away from Junk and get into natural food eating habits. Anyone and everyone can join this program . However, please consult your doctor before joining just to re ensure that there won’t be any healthy issues ,if you take up this challenge.

What Not to eat ? No Refined Sugar , No artificial Sweeteners, No aerated drinks ,No Sugar Free Tablets & Powders , Protein Shakes ,No biscuits , No Cookies , No Packaged Food and No Refined Flour products.

You can Eat : All kinds of Fruits & Vegetables , Dry Fruits , Whole wheat , Rice , Milk , homemade milk products . If you have sugar cravings, have dates šŸ™‚ and chemical free organic Jaggery ,if available.

Benefits of this Program : You may lose few pounds , you’ll get rid of unnecessary sugar cravings , feel more light and energised and may even shrink your waist , few you are lucky enough šŸ™‚ 5 Lucky Winners are selected based on their successful completion of the diet challenge without cheating šŸ™‚ , active participation and their results w.r.t measurements. So I would suggest you to measure and weigh yourself before and after 10 days diet program.

 Register for this diet program in 3 Simple Steps :

  1. Fill in the Contact Form Below  with the subject #sugarfreechallenge , in Message Body , you can give details like , Age , Gender , Weight , Height and Waist Hip Ratio . Filling in Message Body is totally optional
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