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Easy Banana Bread

Easy Banana Bread | Eggless Bread Recipe

Easy Banana Bread recipe with step by step photos and short video . Banana Bread is a sweet bread with robust banana flavor and light texture. Goodness about this banana bread is its a kind of healthier bread made with…

Pumpkin Walnut Cake

Pumpkin Walnut Cake

I wish all my readers as very Happy X-mas. Pumpkin Walnut Cake with step by step directions and short video ( coming up). Pumpkin Walnut Cake is a delicate, moist and very flavorful, Pumpkin Spice Pound Cake is perfect holiday …

Easy Tres Leches Cake Recipe

Easy Tres Leches Cake Recipe

Easy Tres Leches Cake Recipe with Step by step photos.

Easy Tres Leches cake is Mexican Dessert (Pastel de Tres Leches) . It is a very light sponge cake soaked with a mixture of three kinds of milk : condensed …

Wholewheat Pizza Base

Whole Wheat Pizza Base

Whole wheat Pizza base is a healthy alternative to the basic all purpose flour Pizza base. The main key for any kind of bread baking is the good quality yeast . A good quality yeast delivers a good bread. Baking …

wholewheat butter biscuits

Whole Wheat Butter Biscuits

Whole wheat butter biscuits are tasty crunchy butter biscuits with or without extra nuts added to it. These delicious biscuits are simple to make with minimal ingredients from the kitchen pantry. As christmas preparations and celebrations are around , kids …

Potato Smiley

Potato Smiley

Potato Smiley is a easy recipe which can bring smile on your kid’s frown face. This potato based snack is Kids all time favourite recipe. Taste wise it’s very similar to that of potato chips. What makes this homemade potato …

Potato Wedges

Potato Wedges Recipe | Easy Baked Potato Wedges

Baked Potato wedges alongside with whole wheat pasta is perfect for your weekend dinner. Also it can be a easy to make snack for kids.Involving kids in food preparations along with parents is one of the Active Parenting Method ,where …

Low Fat Orange Yogurt Cake

Low Fat Orange Yogurt Cake
Orange Yogurt Cake

This recipe was for last Christmas…..,and you can just imagine my regularity in blogging! Lol πŸ™‚ Re edited everything before posting as i had written it for

christmas special week ! Now don’t laugh at my stupidity….. πŸ™  .Let

Bourbon Biscuits

Bourbon Biscuits
Burbon Biscuits
Who doesn’t like these chocolaty biscuits….?Im a very big fan of these Burbon ,Hide n Seek ,Milano all these chocolaty biscuits.Though wanted to try all these

biscuits……,actually didn’t give a try till  my friend Sushma wanted to try these chocolaty biscuits for her lil

whole wheat masala bun

Whole Wheat Masala Bun

Whole wheatΒ masala Buns are perfect tea time snack. I often bake these mild spiced fresh buns for evening snack. This is my kid’s favorite bun. As it’s globally said not to use refined flour, I hardly bake anything out …

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