Gopalkala Recipe

Gopalkala Recipe with Video and Step by Step pictures.

Gopalkala is a savoury dish prepared using poha (flattened rice ) , curd , cucumber , coconut and green chillies . It is a no cook recipe ,just mix together all …


Onion Egg Bhurji

Onion Egg Bhurji is one of the easiest and simplest of all recipes. Egg Bhurji or anda bhurji is the name given for Scrambled Egg with some spices , vegetables and herbs. But whereas in Onion Egg Bhurji , …

Savoury Bread Toast

Savoury Bread Toast

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Savoury Bread Toast is a delicious bread toast similar to Savoury French Toast. Bread slices are dipped in spiced , milk- egg batter with vegetables of your choice and cooked on a griddle to get a perfect fluffy Toast. This …

Bread Upma

Bread Upma Recipe

Bread Upma is a easy and tasty snack than can be prepared within 30 minutes. Pre cut ,Bread slices into bite size cubes and saute in oil with vegetables and spices . Either fresh bread or day old bread works …



Adai is a traditional recipe from South Indian Cuisine. Preparation is similar to Dosa but tastes very delicious. Varieties of dals (lentils) and raw rice are used to make Adai. Soak Dals , Rice separately for 3-4 hours and then …