Mumbai Style Egg Burji

Mumbai Style Egg Bhurji

Mumbai Style Egg Bhurji Short Video and Recipe with stepwise pictures. Scrambled Egg with different blend of spices varies from region to region. Every part of the country and every home as their own versions of anda bhurji . This …

Savoury Bread Toast

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Savoury Bread Toast is a delicious bread toast similar to Savoury French Toast. Bread slices are dipped in spiced , milk- egg batter with vegetables of your choice and cooked on a griddle to get a perfect fluffy Toast. This …

Basic Avocado Toast

Basic Avocado Toast

Basic Avocado Toast is a easy toast recipe for hassle free morning breakfast .This can be prepared within 10 minutes and is nutritious too. Ditch Mayonnaise and use Avocado spread for toast which indeed is a healthy swap. Toppings of …

Grilled Veg Sandwich

Grilled Veg Sandwich
Sandwiches are my all time favorite,Though I didn’t wanted to blog this simple recipe,often my friends used to say that they always miss those veg sandwiches which I

used to prepare for them.So I thought of blogging this,so

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