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Masala lemon rice

Masala Lemon Rice | Nimbehuli Chitranna Recipe

Masala Lemon Rice / Nimbehuli Chitranna is a very popular breakfast recipe in Karnataka.The name masala is used here because fresh coconut and spices are blended together to prepare lemon masala paste / nimbehuli gojju . Later cooked rice is …

vegetable dum biryani

Vegetable Dum Biryani Recipe

Vegetable Dum Biryani is very popular and rich rice preparation. History says that Dum Biryani was introduced to India by Mughals during their period .

Original Biryani is prepared by marinating meat with freshly ground spices and cooked on a …

Ambur Star Chicken Biryani

Ambur Star Chicken Biryani Recipe

Ambur Star Chicken Biryani is a South indian style Dum Biryani which is famous in Ambur, Tamil Nadu. Unlike other BiryaniΒ  , Basmati rice/long grain rice is not used here.Most important key in this Biryani is, Jeera Rice /

Vegetable Pulao

Vegetable Pulao

Though i didn’t wanted to blog this simple Vegetable Pulao, i had  request from my readers for simple pressure cooker pulao recipe.As it will be time saver and also useful for

bachelors.I ‘ll prepare this pulao when ever i’ll be

Khara Pongal

Khara Pongal

Khara Pongal is one the simplest and comfort breakfast recipe in South India. Pongal is prepared mainly with split moong dal and rice. Sweet and Spicy are the 2 different versions of pongal that are mainly seen. Khara Pongal is

Donne Biryani

Donne Biryani Recipe

Donne Biryani is very famous in Bangalore.”Donne” means big sized cups /bowls made from areca nut palm leaf . These are eco friendly disposable plates and cups. As Biryani will be served on these plates/bowls it is popularly known as

Avarekalu Bath |Vaal  Pulao

Avarekalu Bath |Vaal Pulao

Avarekalu Bath recipe with step by step photos. Avarekalu Bath is a delicious rice recipe made with Hyacinth beans.

Avarekalu Bath |Vaal  Pulao

Avarekalu |Surti Papdi | Hyacinth Bean is very popular in Karnataka. Its available during winter season from October to February. It …

Jeera Rice with Green Peas

Jeera Rice with  Green Peas
Jeera Rice with Green Peas

Jeera rice is not a recipe to blog as it is one of the simplest and easiest recipe.But for all those who are like me, lazy at times to cook can prepare this in a

Palak Paneer Pulao Recipe

Palak Paneer Pulao Recipe

Palak Paneer Pulao is a delicious pulao made with combination of spinach and cottage cheese. Both palak and paneer are healthy , pairing it together yields a super delicious and nutritious dish. Trying out different recipes with a healthy twist …

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