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Egg Biryani

Egg Biryani Recipe | Anda Biryani

Egg Biryani recipe with step by step photos and short video . Anda Biryani or Egg Biryani is a flavorful and fragrant rice cooked with aromatic biryani spices and boiled egg on a low flame till perfection. Biryani needs no …

Mumbai Style Egg Burji

Mumbai Style Egg Bhurji

Mumbai Style Egg Bhurji Short Video and Recipe with stepwise pictures. Scrambled Egg with different blend of spices varies from region to region. Every part of the country and every home as their own versions of anda bhurji . This …


Onion Egg Bhurji

Onion Egg Bhurji is one of the easiest and simplest of all recipes. Egg Bhurji or anda bhurji is the name given for Scrambled Egg with some spices , vegetables and herbs. But whereas in Onion Egg Bhurji , …

kerala egg curry

Kerala Egg Curry | Easy Egg Recipes

Kerala Egg Curry is a delicious egg curry from Malabar region . Most of the Kerala cuisine are incomplete without the use of Coconut. Yes , Coconut milk is one of the most prime ingredient of this delicious Egg curry. …

Easy Egg Gravy

Egg Gravy

Egg Gravy is a simple and easy egg curry in a South Indian Style. For South Indian Style gravies and curries ,either fresh coconut or coconut milk is added to get that typical taste. This is a easy onion and …

Oats Omlette

Spicy Masala Oats Omelette Recipe

Spicy masala oats omelette is a healthy , nutritious breakfast. This is what one needs to start their day with…. ,and  if it’s a busy morning ,then definitely you should be looking for this tasty ,nutritious and healthy breakfast ,which …

Scrambled Eggs with Mushroom

Scrambled Egg with Mushroom

Scrambled Egg with Mushroom – this is one of the quick, super delicious and nutritious breakfast that can keep you energised for long. Eggs , Mushroom and green peas with some cheese is heaven made combination that makes a delicious

Scrambled Egg Curry

Scrambled Egg Curry
Scrambled Egg Curry

Hi All,

I just got busy with my toddler and was disappearing all these days.I’ll be on toes all the time…., finding some space for myself ,sitting and blogging has really become difficult

these days.There are some

Kolhapuri Egg Masala

Kolhapuri Egg Masala

Kolhapuri Egg Masala is very spicy and delicious egg gravy prepared using dry coconut , black peppercorns and spices. Kolhapuri is recipes have more heat in it and this one too is quite spicy. But I have altered the original

French Beans Egg Bhurji

French Beans Egg Bhurji

French Beans Egg Bhurji is a nutritious ,delicious and tasty scrambled egg preparation. It’s easy to make and is a good way to add in dill leaves along with egg. French beans is very low calorie vegetable and combination of
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