Spicy Drumstick Green Curry

Spicy Drumstick Green Curry

Spicy Drumstick Green Curry is a most popular curry from Karnataka , around Bangalore Mysore region. This curry is a vegetarian version of a famous non vegetarian curry but with less spices and slight modifications. Like most of South Indian …

Savoury Bread Toast

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Savoury Bread Toast is a delicious bread toast similar to Savoury French Toast. Bread slices are dipped in spiced , milk- egg batter with vegetables of your choice and cooked on a griddle to get a perfect fluffy Toast. This …

Bread Upma

Bread Upma Recipe

Bread Upma is a easy and tasty snack than can be prepared within 30 minutes. Pre cut ,Bread slices into bite size cubes and saute in oil with vegetables and spices . Either fresh bread or day old bread works …

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