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Dates Kheer

Dates Kheer | Khajoor Ki Kheer

Dates Kheer aka Khajoor Ki Kheer is one of my favourite dessert. It’s easy to make  delicious and healthy dessert with no added sweetener.This has become my healthy swap for other types of sugar added kheer at home.

To make …

Top 5 Eid Recipes

Top 5 Eid Recipes

Eid al -Adha and Eid al-Fitr are the two importantΒ  islamic festivals that are celebrated worldwide . Eid al -Adha is means a sacrifice feast ,where an animal is sacrificed and cut into three parts andΒ one third of the …

Mutton Keema Matar Masala

Mutton Keema Matar Masala Recipe

Mutton Keema matar masala is one of my all time favourite. I’m not much fond of Mutton other than this mutton keema.This recipe is from my mom’s kitchen , she prepares a very good spicy flavourful delicious Mutton Keema

Ambur Star Chicken Biryani

Ambur Star Chicken Biryani Recipe

Ambur Star Chicken Biryani is a South indian style Dum Biryani which is famous in Ambur, Tamil Nadu. Unlike other BiryaniΒ  , Basmati rice/long grain rice is not used here.Most important key in this Biryani is, Jeera Rice /

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