capsicum bath

Capsicum Bath Recipe

Capsicum Bath Recipe with step by step photos and video. Capsicum bath is a kind of masala bath made with vangi bath masala powder . This rice variety is popular as Vangi bath itself in spite of vangi (brinjal) …

Atta Chiroti Recipe

Atta Chiroti Recipe

Atta Chiroti Recipe with step by step photos and short video (coming up soon) . Chiroti is a Karnataka special deep fried, crispy , flaky , layered sweet made with fine rava and ghee. It is served with powdered sugar …

Sabudana Kheer Recipe

Sabudana Kheer Recipe

Sabudana Kheer detail recipe with step by step pictures. Sabudana Kheer is is one of the easiest dessert that can be made within minutes for any occasion . Put together soaked Sabudana , milk , few nuts, sugar and cardamom …

Ukadiche Modak

Ukadiche Modak | Modak Recipe

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Ukadiche Modak detail recipe with short video and stepwise pictures. Modak is a traditional Maharashtrian sweet dumplings offered to Lord Ganesha , as He is referred as “Modaka priya” . Ukadiche in Marathi means steam as modak are steamed its …


Gopalkala Recipe

Gopalkala Recipe with Video and Step by Step pictures.

Gopalkala is a savoury dish prepared using poha (flattened rice ) , curd , cucumber , coconut and green chillies . It is a no cook recipe ,just mix together all …