Instant Rava Idli | M T R Style Rava Idli

Instant Rava Idli | M T R Style Rava Idli
Instant Rava Idli
We all know that idly is very healthy and known breakfast in South India.But at times we don’t get enough time soak the ingredients to prepare rice idly ,such times you can

instantly prepare this Rava Idly,easy breakfast.It’s a story of almost every women to think about next day’s breakfast….,i’m not exceptional ,almost everyday i’ll be asking GP ,what he would like to have for breakfast next day ? He really get irritated with my question……, and if i sleep without planning for breakfast then many times i end up in preparing these rava idlis as it is very easy and time saving with minimal ingredients.Though we get rava idly mix in local groceries shop  very easily these days,i always prefer to eat fresh, These Instant Rava idly is very similar to what you get from 

M T R  Instant Rava Idly mix,tastes good and better as no preservatives will be  used.You can prepare the rava mixture overnight and just mix Curds the next day when you want to prepare.Easy and hassle free.You can have these Rava Idly with Coconut Chutney and 
Mix Veg Saagu.
Category: Vegetarian | Cuisine :South India | Course :Breakfast
Prep Time:7 Minutes|Cooking  Time: 8 Minutes | Makes: 10- 12 

Regular Rava / Sooji : 11/2 Cup

Curds: 11/ 2 Cups

Water : 1/2 Cup
Ginger: 1/2 Tsp grated
Green Chilly:1 Finely Chopped
Curry Leaves: 2 Strings:Finely Chopped
Coriander Leaves: 1/2 Cup chopped
Carrot:1 Grated (Optional)
Black Mustard Seeds:3/4 Tsp
Chana Dal: 1 Tsp
Urad Dal: 1 Tsp
Cashews: 1 Tbsp (Broken)
Oil: 21/2 Tbsp
Salt:1 Tsp
Cooking Soda: Pinch (Optional) Or Eno Fruit Salt: 1 TSP (Optional)


Take a frying pan and add oil ,in hot oil add mustard seeds once it crackles add channa dal,urad dal and bits of cashew once it turns light golden  colour add rava and fry on medium heat for 3minutes,for this add chopped curry leaves ,green chillies and ginger mix well and turn off the gas.Once it’s cools down completely, add salt,soda and 3/4 cup curds( use only sour curds as it enhances taste) and keep it for 5 minutes.Then again add remaining curds and add chopped coriander leaves. 
[If you are adding eno fruit salt ,add it just before pouring the batter into molds.Add fruit salt to batter ,give a quick stir and pour the batter to moulds.]
Instant Rava Idli | M T R Style Rava Idli
And keep it for 5 more minutes ,meanwhile take idly moulds, grease oil and sprinkle some grated carrot on it.By this time rava idli batter will be ready (Batter should not be too thin or too thick). Now with a ladle fill the idly moulds and cook in steam for 8- 10minutes.
Instant Rava Idli | M T R Style Rava Idli
And give the standing time minimum of 5 minutes.Never over cook idlis as it will turn hard.(I always cook only for 8 minutes and give standing time of 5-7 minutes).Once the molds are cool enough to hold,put some cold water beneath the molds so that you can remove perfect iddlies  from molds. Serve hot with Coconut Chutney and  Mix Vegetable saagu.
Instant Rava Idli | M T R Style Rava Idli
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