Coconut Barfi
I’m here with one more sweet recipe,Coconut barfi.This is a very simple sweet to prepare with fresh coconut,Whenever i go to temple and offer some pooja,i get many halves of
coconut and i end up doing this sweet.Some like this coconut barfi to be pure white ,but frankly speaking i dont mind having those brown flakes in the sweet may be because i dont want to waste it and all that matters me is the taste.If you are one among those who doesnt want the brown part of coconut in your sweet then grate only white part of the coconut and prepare this sweet.

Category:Veg | Cuisine: Indian|Course:Dessert
Prep Time:15 Minutes|Cooking Time:25 Minutes|Makes:12-15

Fresh Coconut Grated: 2 Cups
Sugar: 1Cup + 3/4 Cup
Full Cream Milk :1 Tbsp
Ghee:1 Tbsp
Cardamom Powder:1/4 Tsp


Grate the coconut and blend it in a mixer for just a minute by adding a Tbsp of milk,so that you get smooth and fine coconut .

Take a thick bottom pan/container in which you prepare the sweet.Add blended Coconut and sugar mix well and keep it aside  for 10 minutes.

Place the thick bottom pan on a medium flame and allow to cook by stirring it once in a while.Once the sugar gets completely dissolved ,stir it well and allow to cook.after 7-8 minutes ,you can see that it reaches the halwa consistency and once you stir ,it starts leaving the container just like halwa. This is the right consistency ,if you cook more it gets hardened and if you take off from the heat,it will not be done and it will be soft ,chewy and cant cut into pieces,so be careful enough to get the right consistency. 

Grease a plate with some ghee and keep it ready.Just like halwa ,once it starts leaving the container add cardamom powder and ghee,give a quick stir and put off the flame.Now pour the mixture into a greased plate and level it using a spatula.Once its warm cut into desired shapes and allow it to cool on its own.

You can store it in a air tight containers for 3-4 days ,can be refrigerated upto 8 days.

Coconut Barfi

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