Bili Holige / Stuffed Rice Flour Paratha

This is a Karnataka special dish which is not very common.The name bili Hollige in kannada means bili -white and hollige – stuffed paratha.In general, Hollige/ puran poli is supposed to be a sweet dish but this is a

savoury dish.Its very similar to any type of paratha but the stuffing will be totally of rice flour.This goes on very well with stuffed baingan or any other gravy ,a must try recipe. I had done this for lunch and plates were cleaned within  few minutes,i guess you got to know how it tasted.Well,try this Rice flour paratha along with stuffed baingan and serve to your dear ones and get loaded with compliments šŸ™‚

Category:Vegetarian |Cuisine:India |Course: Main
Prep Time:10 Minutes|Cooking Time:15 Min |Serves:2-3
For Stuffing
Rice Flour:1 Cup
Green Chilly Paste: 2 Tsp
Ginger Paste:1 Tsp
Coriander leaves:2 Tbsp
Water:1 3/4 Cup
Salt :To Taste (1 Tsp) 
Oil:1 Tsp

For Dough
All Purpose Flour: 1 Cup
Wheat Flour: 1 Cup
Oil:2 Tsp
Water:1/2 Cup (as required)
Salt:1/2 Tsp 

Add all the ingredients under dough and prepare dough and keep it closed for 30 minutes.

Heat 13/4 cup of water,once it starts to boil add green chilly, ginger paste and salt.

Add Rice flour to the boiling water and keep it on sim for 5 minutes.Turn off , add coriander leaves and oil.Stir it thoroughly to break lumps ,knead well and prepare the rice flour roti dough** ( See Note). Stuffing will be ready.Make equal sized dough balls.

Stuff  the rice flour dough in prepared wheat + maida dough as shown in picture.

Dust some wheat/maida flour and roll them with a roller pin as thin as required. 

Heat tawa/griddle , Put rolled paratha on tawa,drizzzle some oil on corners once it puffs flip it and cook on other side till cooked.

Serve hot with stuffed baingan.

My Notes:
1. * * Once the rice flour stuffing is ready ,knead well and immediately stuff and roll .If you keep the rice flour dough for more than 10 minutes it becomes very soft and you need to add extra rice flour to bring to normal consistency which alters the taste. 
2. You can exclude wheat flour completely and add chirotti rava /sooji  to all purpose flour and prepare dough but from health point i have used wheat flour.

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  1. Hi Muktha,
    you doing excellent job dear!
    If sarvesh sees this he wont eat the food cooked by me!
    good wishes!
    Cake is really mouth watering dish!!!!!!!

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