Grilled Veg Sandwich
Sandwiches are my all time favorite,Though I didn’t wanted to blog this simple recipe,often my friends used to say that they always miss those veg sandwiches which I

used to prepare for them.So I thought of blogging this,so that they can try this and get that actual taste of my sandwiches.From health point of view, I’m using whole wheat brown bread ,if you are not a health freak then you are free to have white bread with lots of cheese and butter over it šŸ˜Š


Category:Vegetarian | Cusine : Fusion | Course: Breakfast,Snack 
PrepTime : 8 Minutes |Cooking Time: 5 Minutes | Serves: 4-5

Whole wheat Bread:1 Loaf
Butter as required
Cheese as required
Fresh coriander leaves chopped:2 Tbsp
Fresh Mint Leaves:1/4 Cup
Green Chilies: 1
Salt as required
Freshly Grounded Black pepper,Oregano,Basil:1/2 Tbsp
*oregano and basil optional

Grind Mint,green chillies,1/2 tsp salt and keep it aside.Slice all the vegetables as thin as possible.Chop coriander leaves,grate cheese and keep it aside.

Take 2 slices of bread,smear some butter on both sides of the bread,apply mint chutney over the inner side of the bread,arrange all the slice vegetables one over the other.

Sprinkle some salt and pepper over it.Sprinkle grated cheese and coriander leaves ,close this bread with other slice of butter coated,mint chutney smeared bread.Place it over sandwich maker grill cook for 5 minutes.

Serve hot with tomato Ketch up.

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