Masala Oats Upma

Masala Oats Upma
Masala Oats Upma

Oats is very rich in fiber and also it help in weight management.Though i’m aware of the fact,still it becomes so difficult for me to eat oats along with milk.I normally used take 30 minutes to complete a cup of oats
hence i tried saffola / horlicks oats that comes in different flavours. I finally liked the taste of masala oats and thought savoury oats is much better.But those packed masala oats contains many preservatives as they contain veggies in their recipe.So i gave a try and was a huge success. I loved the taste of this Masala oats upma so much that i can eat  this upma any time a day.So all weight watchers here is a healthy vegetable Masala Upma.


Category: Breakfast|Prep Time:5 Minutes
Cook Time: 5 Minutes|Serves:1

Oats:1/3 cup
Oats Bran: 1 Tbsp (Optional)
Wheat Bran :1 Tbsp( Optional)
Water : 1 Cup
Onion; 1 Small finely Chopped
Carrot:1/2 Chopped
French Beans: 2 Chopped
Capsicum:1/4 Cup Chopped
Baby Potato: 1 Chopped
Green Chilly: 1 Chopped
Fresh Green Peas:1 Tbsp
Pepper Powder:1/2 Tsp
Chilly Powder:1/2 Tsp
Jeera Powder:1/4 Tsp
Coriander leaves:1 Tbsp
Lemon Juice:2 drops

For Tempering:
Oil:1 Tsp
Mustard seeds:1/2 Tsp
Urud Dal:1/2 Tsp
Channa Dal :3/4 Tsp
Curry Leaves:1 Tsp chopped


Take a sauce pan,add oil when its hot add mustard seeds once it crackles add channa dal,urud dal and curry leaves.Add onions,green chilly and fry well. Add green peas and all vegetables(your choice of veggies you can add)  and saute for a minute.
Masala Oats Upma
Add chilly powder,pepper powder,jeera powder mix well and pour water,once water starts to boil add salt ,oats,wheat bran and oat bran( i always add bran to make it more healthier) cook for 5 minutes stirring occasional. Once water gets absorbed turn off the gas.Add lemon juice and coriander leaves. Serve hot

Masala Oats Upma

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