Stir Fry Tofu with Veggies and Flat Noodles
Tofu is very rich in protein ,calcium and Iron which is very important for women.Also it contains no saturated fat and is very good for weight lose plan as it contains just 90

calories in Half cup serving . After knowing about good healthy benefits of tofu I’ll be having it in my refrigerator anytime.I had bought it some time back and had totally forgotten about it which i noticed only while cleaning my refrigerator. Then without even thinking twice i thought of cooking tofu for dinner .As Tofu is very bland it can take up the taste of anything you cook with , i wanted to try some Chinese out of it . I’m not new for trying  Tofu as i have cooked it several times,but every time i try out different flavors and it as come out well each time. I wanted to make it more healthier so i tried making wide flat noodles with whole wheat flour in my own style and it came out pretty good.So totally the dish was good and we enjoyed it.


PrepTime:10 Minutes|Cooking time:15 Minutes|Serves:2-3

For Stir Fry Tofu With Veggies

Extra Firm Tofu/Bean Curd :200 Grms
Carrot: 2
French Beans:6
Fresh Red Chilly:1-2
Onion:1 Medium
Garlic:5 Cloves
Ginger:1/2 ” inch
Sesame oil:2 Tbsp
Chilly Garlic Sauce:1/2 Tbsp
Soy Sauce:1 Tbsp
Vinegar:1/2 Tbsp
Vegetable Stock:1/2 Cup(Optional-You can use water instead)
Corn Flour:1 Tbsp
Five Spice Powder:1 Tsp
Salt to taste

For Wide Flat Noodle:

Wheat Flour:3/4 Cup
Water for kneading
Salt To Taste
Five Spice Powder:3/4 Tsp


For Wide Flat Noodles

Mix wheat flour ,salt and five spice powder,knead well using water. More you need more elasticity you get.The dough should be firm.Keep it aside closed for 30 minutes.

Make 2 balls out of the dough and roll it like roti using rolling pin.Roll it as thin as possible.

Now cut it into strips as shown in the picture.Place the stripes in a bowl and sprinkle all purpose flour over it.
This is necessary to ensure that noddles does not stick to each other.

Boil Water,add salt and 1 Tsp of oil. To this add the stripes and cook till done (Takes not more than 5 minutes,but it depends on the thickness you have rolled).

Once done drain the water and wash it under cold tap water ,one water is completely drained. 

Wide Flat Noodles are ready and can  be used as required.

For Stir Fry Tofu with Veggies

Wash all vegetables and pat it dry.Finely Chop Garlic,Ginger and Red Chilly. Cut onions ,Capsicum and Carrots into cubes/chunks.Slice and cut  French beans Diagonally.Cut Tofu into Cubes.

Take nonstick wok,heat sesame oil add ginger garlic and red chilly.Add onions and saute well.

Add all vegetables saute on a high heat.Add Tofu cubes and toss for a minute.

To this add chilli garlic Sauce,soy sauce,Vinegar mix well (Take care not to break Tofu) .

Take vegetable stock/water in a cup add cornflour to it and pour this on vegetables and mix well.
Adjust salt and sprinkle five spice powder(Refer Chinese stuffed Paratha For Five Spice Powder) over it.

Once it starts to thicken.Add boiled noodles / Flat Noodles ,mix well.

Take care not break the noodles and Serve Hot with Tomato Sauce.

 My Notes:

  • You can Substitute Water in place of vegetable stock
  • Be very careful in adding salt as soy sauce also contains salt.
  • You can boil and add any store brought noodle also but to make it more healthier i tried this wheat flour noodle.  
  • You can even add bean sprouts along with veggies.
  • Adding 5 spice powder to noodle as well as veggies gives you that typical Chinese flavor.

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