Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice-Cream
Though this recipe was meant to post in this summer………,bcoz of my busy schedule couldn’t post it. My lil one has developed lot of interest in eating ice creams and

chocolates. So i tried this recipe ,which i had written in on a piece of paper few years before. I had even tried this recipe during initial days when i  was new to cooking, it tasted good but was more like a kulfi than a ice cream. But this time,i was more confident as i was aware of many tips (refer notes) for getting a smooth ,creamier and rich ice cream.Its simple,easy and delicious homemade ice cream but its more of time consuming as you need to give more time for ice cream to get set.Other than setting time , its very easy and simple to make.I had done chocolate sauce  for this ice cream topping it was real yummy. Keep this recipe to create a basic vanilla ice cream  and  you can come up with your own variations/flavours.

Category:Vegetarian | Cusine : World | Course: Dessert
PrepTime : 18 Hours (inactive) |Cooking Time: 30 Minutes | Makes: 1 ltr
Full Cream Milk : 3 Cups
Full Cream Milk Raw:1/2 Cup
Fresh Cream:250 ml
Milk Powder:4 Tbsp
Liquid Glucose:1 Tbsp (optional)
CMC( Carboxy Methyl Cellulose):1 Tsp
GMS( Glycerol Menon Terrace):1 TSp
Water:1 Cup
Vanilla Essence:1 Tsp
1. Dissolve CMC and GMC in one cup water and cook till it looks like starch and cool.
Vanilla Ice Cream
2.Take 1/2 cup of raw milk (unboiled) ,dissolve sugar and milk powder.
Vanilla Ice Cream
3.Heat 3 cups of milk  and allow it to boil.Now for this boiling milk add above (step 2) prepared  raw milk  mixture and boil for another 5-8 minutes.
Vanilla Ice Cream
For this add cooled CMC and GMS paste (step1)  along with liquid glucose ( if using) and cook on sim till thick for 30-35 minutes.
Vanilla Ice Cream
Once its completely cooled add vanilla essence.Pour into the icecream box and freeze for 8 hrs at highest temperature.
Vanilla Ice Cream
4.After 8 hrs ,take out ice cream mix  from freezer and beat little and nicely at a time in mixie/electric beater on a low speed.Again freeze it for 2 hrs .
Vanilla Ice Cream
5.After 2 hrs ,again beat the ice cream mix as above ( step 4) and freeze it for 2 hrs.
Vanilla Ice Cream
6.Now take the mixture from freezer beat it nicely on low speed , add fresh cream slowly and beat lightly and slowly just to incorporate fresh cream to icecream mixture.
Vanilla Ice Cream
Vanilla Ice Cream
7.Transfer the ice cream mixture to preferably aluminium ice-cream box .cover the box with cling film or Ziploc/plastic sheet and keep it in freezer to set at medium temperature for minimum 4 hours.
Vanilla Ice Cream
After 4hrs, Scoop the ice cream and enjoy with your favourite custard,fruit salad,gulab jamun/gajar halwa or any toppings.
Vanilla Ice Cream
  • First time while keeping in freezer for 8 hrs ,please make ensure you keep completely cooled icecream mix in freezer at highest temperature. 
  • Beating icecream slowly and nicely gives you a smooth,rich and creamier texture.
  • Covering the icecream mix with a plastic/cling film is very much essential to smooth creamier icecream
  • Final icecream set should be with medium temperature.
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