Spinach and cottage cheese are very healthy and nutritious .Cooked Spinach is more advantageous than the raw spinach, its rich in iron than any other leafy vegetables and has
got many vital antioxidant vitamins. Cottage chesse/paneer is good in protein and good for kids.This Palak paneer is not the authentic punjabi style palak paneer its more of a dhaba  style.This palak paneer always reminds me about dhaba known as city garden in Tiptur,Karnataka where we friends often used to go from college whenever we got bored of hostel food.I love this dish so much that i’ll be cleaning my plate till last bite.

Prep Time:5 Min|Cooking Time:15 Minutes|Serves:3-4

Palak :250 grams
Paneer: 100 grams
Onion: 2 Medium
GingerGarlic Paste:1 Tsp
Green Chilly:2-3
Jeera: 1 Tsp
Red chilly Powder: 1/2 Tsp
Garam Masala Pinch
Fresh Cream :1/2 Tbsp (optional)
Lemon Juice:1 Tsp
Oil:1 Tbsp
Salt To Taste

Blanch Spinach and drain out excess water and puree it along with 2 green chilly and keep it aside.

Take a nonstick pan,heat 1 tsp oil, add paneer cubes and toss it till it gets light golden colour.Take out paneer cubes and put it in water.

In the same nonstick pan ,heat oil add cumin seeds ,chopped onions,Ginger Garlic paste fry well till raw smell goes off.

Add tomatoes cook for a minutes,add red chilly powder and saute for a minute. 

To this add Palak/Spinach Puree mix well and cook for 3-4 minutes.Adjust salt,add paneer cubes .Sprinkle some garam masala.

Turn off heat add lemon juice mix it and finally add fresh cream.Serve with Roti and enjoy!

My Notes:

  • Adding paneer cubes into water/curds after tossing helps it to remain soft.You can even add paneer cubes directly without tossing also.(But i don’t like the raw taste of paneer)
  • Be careful while adding salt to any green leafy vegetables as it contains sodium.
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