This article on Juices for Health reveals the facts and importance of adding homemade fruits and vegetables juices in our regular diet . Detox Drink , Nutritious Punch and Energy Drink are the few names for this healthy juices. Make healthy choices for a healthy lifestyle to stay fit and live stronger.

Juices for Health
Whole Fruit, Vegetables or Juices

Undoubtedly, Whole Fruits and Vegetables are healthier option when compared to Juice because of its fibre content. Fiber helps in digestion and are important for a healthy gut. So all Dietitians and Nutritionist emphasise on eating a whole fruit or vegetable , so that you get your fiber. This is well known fact , but how adding Juice for Health is beneficial ???

Kiwi Cucumber Smoothie
Why Juices ???

We’ll let me answer this , Juices helps to increase your water intake. A freshly extracted juice without any sweetener is a Nutritious Rich Water that nourishes the body with essential vitamins and minerals. Juices are good option for picky eaters , elderly persons and also children as it delivers same nutrition as the whole fruit .Also juicing of fruit and vegetables helps body to readily absorb the nutrients. But contradictorily its not recommended for diabetic patients as the fibre is sieve off.

Juices for Health
Juices for Health

My role as Nutritionist and a food enthusiast allows me to look about food and diet with a definitive edge . Juicing fruits and vegetables together , adding in your diet is truly beneficial. It is because while eating a fruit or vegetable , at the maximum one may eat 2-3 fruits , vegetables at a time . But while juicing , more number of fruits and vegetables are added , which boosts the daily nutritional intake. Mixed Fruit and Vegetable Juice is good when its a part of your Balanced diet. Which means get your fibre , protein, carbohydrates and fat from regular diet and add juice for extra nutritional boost. But never go for commercial juices with sweeteners and preservatives.

Beetroot Amla Detox

Consume mixed vegetable and fruit juices, as part of your healthy balanced diet for nutritional boost . Consider juicing/blending fruits and vegetables together to make a nutritious drink but not as a replacement for your fruit / vegetable intake.

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