GreenGram Usal / HesaruKallu Usali
Greengram Usal/Hesarukallu Usali

Today i’m here with a recipe which is meant to have during fasting. Initially whenever i  used to fast i only used to consume fruits and milk but when i went out to temple in the evenings ,as prasadam i always used to get either green gram usal ,chickpeas usal or beaten rice sweet(sihi avalakki ).Then later i thought instead of fasting whole day i can always cook these as it is rich in protein and carbohydrates and i can run my whole day without being tiresome. The only difference between these type of usal is we don’t use Onions as we’ll be on fast.This can be prepared in  jiffy and is  packed with proteins.

So today i was fasting so i came up with this recipe.


Green Gram :11/2 Cups
Green chillies : 6-8
Fresh Coconut grated: 1/2 Cup
Turmeric:1/2 Tsp
Mustard Seeds : 1/2 Tsp
Oil:2 Tsp
Asafoetida big pinch
Salt to taste


Wash Green grams thoroughly and Soak Green Grams Overnight ( u can soak it for 4-5 hours also).Take a pressure cooker add the soaked green grams along with water and add 1/2 tsp of salt  and steam cook for one whistle. Meanwhile grind the grated coconut,green chillies and turmeric without adding water,it should be coarse.GreenGram Usal / HesaruKallu Usali

After 3 minutes remove the pressure from the pressure cooker manually so that green grams does not become mushy or over cooked. Now strain the water and reserve the water for doing sambar( Bas Saaru – you can refer to my post ).

GreenGram Usal / HesaruKallu Usali

Take a wok add oil,mustard seeds and asafoetida to this add cooked green grams saute and finally add grinded coconut chilly paste,salt as per taste  mix thoroughly saute and serve hot .:)

GreenGram Usal / HesaruKallu Usali


GreenGram Usal / HesaruKallu Usali


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