sabudana khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi is one of the most popular dish made during fasting with no onion and no garlic. This dish was introduced to me by a friend of mine when I was in Pune. Since then during every fasting I prepare this Sabudana Khichdi which is done using only minimal ingredients like soaked sabudana / sago ,peanuts, green chillies  and potatoes.Using ghee/clarified butter for seasoning enhances the taste. 

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana/ sago, potatoes are filled with carbohydrates and peanuts  with protein  makes this dish perfect for fasting. But whoever are calorie conscious watch before you eat as its having lot of calories. As this recipe is from my friend who is a Maharashtrian , I just follow her recipe blindfolded without any changes as it tastes delicious.

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Category: Vegetarian|Cusine:India|Course:Breakfast
Preptime:3 Hrs for soaking |Cooking Time:10 Minutes |Serves:3

Sabudana /Sago:2 Cups

Water:1 Cup for soaking
Peanuts:1/2 cup
Green Chillies : 4-5
Ghee:3 Tbsp
Oil:1 Tbsp
Cumin Seeds/Jeera : 1/2 Tsp (Optional)
Lemon Juice: 1 Tsp
Coriander leaves: 1 Tbsp
Sendha Namak/ Salt To Taste

Step By Step Directions for Making Sabudana Khichdi :

Wash Sabudana/Sago  2 to 3 times and soak overnight (or minimum 3 hrs) with water just enough to immerse sago.After 3 hours water should be completely absorbed and it will be soft.

Sabudana Khichdi

Dry roast peanuts and grind/crush to coarse powder.

Sabudana Khichdi

Cut potatoes into small pieces, Grind greenchilles.

Sabudana Khichdi

Take a wok , heat ghee/oil (You can add cumin seeds once it crackles) add potatoes, green chilly paste and fry well.

Sabudana Khichdi

Add Soaked sabudana and cook till its transparent.Add crushed peanuts,salt and mix well.

Sabudana Khichdi

Turn off heat ,squeeze lemon juice.Garnish with coriander leaves.Serve hot ,it can be accompanied with curds.

Sabudana Khichdi

My Notes:
1.Don’t use more water to soak ,if done it becomes more soggy.
2.Soaked sabudana cooks easily provided its soaked enough,so ensure to soak it atleast 3-6 hrs prior.
3.I didn’t use, cumin seeds you can add it to enhance taste.
4. If you don’t want it to be spicy, you can just cut greenchillies instead of grinding it.
5.Rock Salt is used during fasting.
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