Sihi Pongal

Sihi Pongal |Sweet Pongal

Sihi Pongal | Sweet Pongal or Sakkarai Pongal is one of the main sweet prepared during  Makara Sankranthi .There are many variations with sweet pongal, few uses sugar and others prefer Jaggery. I make Sihi Pongal using Jaggery as it gives rich colour as well as authentic taste .

Sihi Pongal

At home whenever I do Khara Pongal by default I need to do Sweet Pongal also,as everyone likes it a lot.I often do pongal for breakfast ,as this sweet pongal is very easy to make and takes less time.  Both khara as well as sweet pongal can be made simultaneously with 2 pressure cookers .

Try this duo combination of Khara Pongal and Sihi Pongal for a tasty , healthy and filling breakfast.

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Category:Vegetarian|Cuisine:South Indian|Course:Breakfast/Sweets
PrepTime:10 Minutes(Inactive)|Cooking Time:20 Minutes|Serves:5-6

Moong Dal/ Hesaru Belle:1/2 Cup
Rice:1/2 Cup
Turmeric :1/4 Tsp (Optional)
Milk:1 Cup
Jaggery:1 Cup
Copra:1/2 Cup
Ghee:1/2 Cup
Raisins:11/2 Tbsp
Cashews:1 1/2 Tbsp
Cardamom Powder:
Pacha Karpura /Edible Camphor :Pinch

Step by Step Directions to make Sihi Pongal :

Soak Moong dal and rice together for 10 minutes.Drain water and keep it aside.

Sihi Pongal |Sweet Pongal

Take a pressure cooker,Heat 2 Tbsp ghee,add raisins and cashews fry till golden and keep it aside.

Sihi Pongal |Sweet Pongal

In the same pressure cooker fry moong dal and rice till all water content evaporates.Add Turmeric if you need yellow colour.Pressure cook with 3 cups of water ,1 cup of milk and cloves for 3 whistles.

Sihi Pongal |Sweet Pongal
Sihi Pongal |Sweet Pongal

Once pressure is released add remaining ghee,jaggery,copra,cardamom powder,nutmeg,Pacha Karpura ,fried cashews raisins,mix well and cook for 5 minutes.

Sihi Pongal |Sweet Pongal

Serve hot  .

Sihi Pongal |Sweet Pongal

My Notes:

  • I have used only 1 cup of jaggery. If you wish to have it more sweet you can increase jaggery.
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